Work at Height on Rope – Basic


Working at Height – Rope Access Basic will provide new and experienced rigger the knowledge, awareness, skills and competency to perform safe work at height in vertical access on rope and such structure. This course will emphasize the use of experiential learning techniques such as question and answer session, group activities, case study, demonstration and practical.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be capable of performing the following function at the minimum entry level:

• To identify related legislation
• To analyze the risk through Risk Assessment (HIRARC)
• To identify all Working at Height considerations
• To choose correct Personal Protective Equipment and operate in safe way
• To implement safe climbing and working technique
• To demonstrate basic rigger knots and notify their function
• To specify and utilize tools and equipment which comply to standard (EN, MS, CE, etc.)
• To perform basic hauling technique using pulley systems

Target group:

Aerial rigger, technician, tower site owner, safety officer, site safety supervisor, window cleaner, any high angle equipment installer, sound, and lighting man, inspector, tower crane operator and any interested person.

Pre – requirements:

  1. Good health condition – fit mentally and physically.
  2. BMI – body mass index is normal or lightweight.
  3. Can read and write in Malay and English

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