Telecommunication Tower

This training focus for Work At Height climbing and related skills needed in telecommunication tower works, such as maintenance, inspection and installations.

During the 30 years, the growing demand for wireless and broadcast telecommunications (3G, 4G, 5G) has lead to a steady increase in telecom tower constructions and related maintenance task. Hence the demand for workers who are able to climb and work safely on such towers up to 600+ meters high has gone up.

Iratec provides training to these specialized WAH operators who’s job it is to erect or maintain telecommunication towers under all weather conditions and on different difficult to access locations.

See also our work on the Maxis Telecom Tower and our other projects.

Aerial Rigger L1 (Level 1)

This training is focused on Telecommunication tower works, while maintaining all aspects of the general working at height syllabus.

If you are in the telecommunication industry; then you will be dealing with tower installations, servicing and maintenance works. Hence this is the training to go for. You will start with Level 1.

Aerial Rigger L2 (Level 2)

This training is focused on the Telecommunication tower works, while maintaining all aspects of the working at height syllabus.

Jom tukar (let’s change)

This is our special WAH training program for participants with other existing certifications who wanting to take our WAH trainings

We will evaluate the current certification that the participants have, and will provide a unique and specialized training for our syllabus.