About Iratec


Iratec (M) Sdn Bhd has been established to focus its services, training and consultancy business relating to Work at Height (WAH).

We were established in 1991 and look forward to grow in leaps and bounds, to provide high end quality services for our customers & clients in and out of Malaysia.

Iratec specializes in maintenance projects where work is needed at a high elevation level, or where normal access is difficult. 

The costs of other means of access for some of these tasks may be out of proportion to the work that is required done or it may be impossible to use normal access methods in certain circumstances.

Hence Iratec’s expertise focusses on providing:

We have proudly served more than 1000 companies in Malaysia, providing professional Work At Height Training programs for their work force, including private and public sectors.


Malaysia’s 1st Professional Work At Height Training Provider. For more than 10 years, we have been providing professional certification for Work At Height Professionals in Malaysia.

This certification system with more than 15,000 users in Malaysia has empowered the work at height force in the Telecommunication Sector, Tourism Industry, Construction & Building Industry, Energy Sectors for many Working at Height aspects.

Our focus is to create and enable a safe working environment for the WAH workforce & operators, while providing professional and reliable quality training, advice and certification in their respective industry & specific requirements.

With our long & wide in depth climbing & WAH experience in the industry, we have been a trusted partner for major corporate and other companies and organizations. We are recognized as the official and certified training provider for these specialized work at height areas.


Human capital is the biggest asset to any organisation, and guaranteeing safety should be the main focus for any organisation.

Understanding this, we are offering the training for working at height, specifically focus for Malaysian market. We want to make sure the people are safe, are working with excellent safety practices, and are equipped with the right PPE Work At Height equipment, tools and gear for the job.

For our business customers, following our Iratec Training programs is important to ensure a continuous and reliable service, in order to have your workforce equipped, able and skilled for the job at hand.