How can i register my staff for the training?

Go to … (database under construction, not online for public) Click on “Register” You can register for yourself, or for a group of people, for example, a group in your company. You will be handling invoice and communication for all of them.

How can i verify the certificate is still valid?

Go to …. Enter the IC number in the “Certificate search box”

How long is a standard certificate valid?

All of our certificates are issued on a 1-year basis. On the next renewal date, the certificate holder just needs to attend a refresher course. This refresher course is only a 1 day session.

Do you do on-site training at our location?

Yes we do provide on-site at OUR location.

However; if you do have a group of more than 10 people attending a single course, we can do it at YOUR location, if fits certain criteria.. You should have a suitable training area where we can do the practical training. For example, a tower, or another structure that you might be working with.