Ropes & Knots Training

This WAH training is part of Iratec’s classroom training called the “Rope management course”.

Being able to use the right ropes and make the right knots is important for climbing in any type of work at height. Knots and Ropes are used daily in for example securing equipment, fire suppression, rescue work, and emergency medical applications and other work at height situations. If you work with ropes or knots for daily work at height routines, in an emergency or on training, SAFETY should be on the mind of all involved.

Part of the Iratec training will cover the use of ropes and the making of knots.

#01 Figure of Eight

#02 Figure of Eight Loop

#03 Figure of Eight Follow Through Knot

#04 Clove Hitch Knot

#05 Alpine Butterfly Knot

#06 Single Bowline

#7 Double Fisherman Bend

#8 Figure of Eight Double Loop